Emergency Pantry - 14 day supply of 28 family sized meals

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Great to have on hand for any potential crisis, or to ensure your college kids eat more than popcorn and pizza!  

This kit contains a selection of 28 meals to cover lunch and dinner for 14 days:
4 x Fresh Catch Chowder
3 x Manhattan Style Chowder
3 x Moroccan Lentil & Rice Soup
1 x West Coast Bouillabaisse
3 x Potato Leek Soup
2 x Thai Fried Rice
4 x Cajun Jambalaya
4 x Curry Rice
4 x Fiesta Style Rice

All meals are gluten free, and non-GMO.  They can all be prepared vegan-style, or add your favourite selections of poultry, seafood, or meat.  Canned seafood/meats work great too!

Type: Rice, Soup

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I’ve try four so far. You have not let me down Tilly’s. I really enjoyed the Catch of the day! Thank you!!


Excellent products! I received more than I ordered. Greatly appreciated. Great tasting meals. Thank you!


Love all your products. We share with friends. They love them too.

love the Thai Rice

After many years of buying the Fresh Catch Chowder our local Quality Foods brought in more of your products. Last night we tried the Thai Rice mix & we loved it & are hooked. I added celery, green onion & tomato. Served with prawns. There must be 6 to 8 portions & tonight my husband requested the leftover rice. I thought the rice was seasoned just right, not too hot. Also bought the Curry Rice so that is next.

Love the flavors

I have been purchasing TIlley for a long time. During this time of isolation, I purchased an Emergency Pantry for a family that was not able to get out to a grocery store. I know they enjoyed the main items included and was a large financial saving to them
Thanks TIlley for putting it together and I am purchasing more Pantries for others in the near future.

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