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Do you ever look in your kitchen cupboards and wish there was something quick and easy to prepare that was also healthy, all-natural, and full of flavour?

Tilly's offers an exciting array of ethnic and regional dishes, including chowders, soups, rice dishes, pasta mixes, and spice blends.  Quick and easy to prepare at home, Tilly's meals are ready in minutes.  Enjoy favourite dishes vegan-style or further enhance them into gourmet meals with the simple addition of a protein source such as fish, seafood, poultry, meat, or tofu.  Ideal for busy families, professionals on the go, as well as yachting, sailing, camping or cottage getaways.  Tilly’s products are shelf stable, hearty, flavourful, healthy, and all but the two pasta mixes are also proudly gluten-free!

We are a Canadian family owned and operated company on Vancouver Island, in business since 1989.  Using our own recipes and the finest herbs and spices, the natural dehydrated ingredients are carefully blended and hand packaged in small batches to create delicious main meals and side dishes. 

NEW: Emergency Pantry - 14 day supply of 28 family sized meals